WCiBe specialises in designing and distributing career information for young people (11+) and their parents. We publish free i-Zines for first and second year secondary pupils via their schools.

The i-Zine is a 24- page printed, tabloid style publication which introduces the labour market as a giant opportunity to learn about the world.

Our mission is to encourage young people to ‘dream it, plan it and do it’ in relation to thinking about their working futures.  Our purpose is to support a process which encourages, questions, ideas and conversations between young people, parents, employers and educators.

We believe early intervention and equality of access are key to shifting attitudes and behaviours to encourage a structured and age appropriate pipeline of careers information. 

WCiBe and the Sustainable Development Goals

Using engaging design and real-life data and information WCIBe provides a platform to mass message young people sharing problems and solutions about the world and how important it is they are involved now and into the future.

In 2018, we are implementing a strategy to include stronger editorial and graphics linking sectors to the SDGs both at home and abroad. Currently we include a story which highlights the value of basic utilities, like limited access to clean water and the loss of school days (Builders and Shapers) to the value of specialist knowledge like preserving traditional crafts like coopers (Food and Drink).

We are currently developing two projects, one on ‘engineering and science’ and another on ‘money and finance’. We intend to roll out these editions nationally over the next 12 months and are currently recruiting sponsors to support the activity. To date we have distributed over half a million copies to young people in Scotland, Wales and Yorkshire and the feedback from schools is to want more.

The SDG’s which have a clear connection with our WCIBe work are:

Goal 5 – Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls.

Equality of access is fundamental to our mission and addresses the need to break down gender stereotypes about what jobs should be done by whom. We do not use people or assign types of people to any careers in our editorial, as these replicate rather than challenges norms. Horizontal and vertical segregation in the labour market persists and fuels gender pay gaps. To disrupt this pattern, it is critical that young people see a future of work which includes them. By disembodying jobs and careers, it is possible to demonstrate that the job market can be more open and transparent.

Goal 8 -  Promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all.

At the heart of the WCIBe work is the need to deliver opportunities for young people to enter a labour market that offers decent jobs and careers and an economy which utilises their knowledge and skills no matter what their social or cultural roots. To contribute to achieving an inclusive and productive labour market, we believe the provision of engaging information about different types of work is important for young people as they start secondary school

To find out more about WCiBe please contact Jane Dennehy