What could the new Prime Minister do to help the UK achieve the Sustainable Development Goals? We invite you to share your ambitions, so we can work together to brief the next Prime Minister on their implementation.

The momentum behind the Sustainable Development Goals is building as more organisations commit to help achieve them. But we need to act faster if we’re to close the gap between the ambition of the Goals and the UK’s current performance on them.

We often say that the UK Government needs to do more to help accelerate action on the Goals.

But what exactly is it we need them to do?   

With a new Prime Minister due this summer we have a new opportunity to ask for bold and ambitious action to achieve the Goals.

We need your support to demand that the next Prime Minister accelerates action on the Sustainable Development Goals in the UK.

Complete our survey

Other ways to help

Help us to engage your network so we can demonstrate the urgent need for action

  1. Share the survey with your networks using our recommended text for newsletters or social media
  2. Help us host a focus group with your network so we can capture the views of key sector groups

Take part in an interview or provide us with a case study or quote

We’re inviting stakeholders from specific sectoral or interest groups to take part in an interview or to provide a written quote to go in our final brief for the new Prime Minister

This is your opportunity to demonstrate your leadership on the Goals and to make your needs clear.

Get in touch if you’d like to be interviewed or provide a written quote.

Your questions answered

What will you do with my responses?

All responses will be anonymous and not attributed to single organisations unless specific permission is granted.

We’ll collate the responses to find the common themes and turn this in to a list of priority actions for the next Prime Minister. We will not use the exact wording of your responses but will collate the results from the whole survey into a shared message.

We want to include a list of everyone who contributed so we can show the momentum behind the brief.

We will try to represent specific sectoral views or perspectives where there is evidence of this.

What do you expect the PM to do?

We’re not expecting that the new Prime Minister will commit to deliver all our recommendations. But we want to show, as early as possible in their new role, that the Goals are important to us all and that there is a movement calling for action to achieve them.

This also leads in to our 2020 activities which will focus on accelerating action across the UK.

The other benefit of this activity is having evidence we can use in the future, to show that a broad range of organisations want or expect specific actions from the Government.

What if there’s a general election?

If there a general election is called we can use the insights gathered to develop a manifesto campaign for the political parties.

It may change our activities and timeline slightly but the contributions you make will still be used.

If you have any further questions or would like to find out more about this project please get in touch.