Getting the support of MPs, or other elected representatives like local Councillors, on subjects that matter to you and your organisation is a good way to raise the profile of the issue.

The Sustainable Development Goals cover a wide variety of topics and when you think about things that matter to you then it is likely that they would be covered somewhere in the goals. It makes sense therefore to see if you can incorporate the goals when you have a conversation with your MP or local Councillors to highlight the opportunity to use the goals to frame their decision-making.

If each of us told three people about the Sustainable Development Goals, then it's possible we could increase their profile and the support they have dramatically.

MPs and Councillors often hold constituency surgeries or offer opportunities for local citizens or organisations to meet with them. Look on your local councils or MPs website to see who represents your ward and to find opportunities to meet with them.

If you are not sure who your MP is, you can find out using a postcode search on