To avoid the consequences of climate change requires solutions that will have a significant impact on emission reductions. Biogas, a gaseous fuel produced through the fermentation of organic matter, has been estimated to have the potential to contribute to (c.5%) of global energy. It can also help meet 9 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. These goals need to be met by 2030, just years away and will require an unprecedented effort and coordination among countries, governments, scientists and industry. We need biogas to be part of that response. The World Biogas Association represents the global biogas community, including: developers, supply chain, financiers, agriculture, academics, public authorities and everyone involved in building the biogas industry.

World Biogas Association and the Sustainable Development Goals

Our work aims to:

  • Combat climate change by reducing greenhouse gas emissions
  • Reduce and recycle food waste
  • Turn food, sewage and farm wastes into valuable bio-products, green energy and nutrients – improve local energy independence
  • Improve terrestrial ecosystems by restoring our depleted soils and combating desertification, improving food security and production
  • Ensure we make the best use of land to deliver everything we need: food, fuel, fibre, bio-chemicals and other bio-products
  • Improve sanitation and public health through the treatment of waste and sewage
  • Combat aquatic pollution and improve the marine environment
  • Improve air quality
  • Create jobs in sustainable businesses across the world
  • Build AD plants and capture landfill gas
  • Reduce gender inequality and empower communities
  • Build the smart and resilient cities of tomorrow

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