We welcome the news that the Government intends to share it's progress on implementing the Sustainable Development Goals at the High Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development in 2019

We’re pleased to let you know that yesterday, Lord Bates wrote to Maria Miller MP, Chair of the Women and Equalities Select Committee. In the letter, he confirmed that the Department of International Development (DFID) intends to submit a Voluntary National Review (VNR) at the 2019 High Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development to outline its intended approach for implementing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

This is welcome news, as we have asked repeatedly for Government to make this commitment.

The SDGs are a universal framework to end poverty and protect the planet. They provide us with a new social contract between Government and citizens, an opportunity to address systemic problems in a coherent way, and the chance to create a culture of collaboration and partnership with stakeholders in the UK.

In November 2017, we announced our intention to produce a plan to drive action on the SDGs in the UK. The stakeholder-led review of progress that we will create is a crucial step in generating a partnership with Government so we can work together to deliver the SDGs. It will provide them with a politically neutral foundation from which to build its own report and will help us to build momentum and support for the SDGs in the UK.

Our process is bottom-up and will demonstrate an exemplary approach for Government to learn from and replicate.  

We will now be asking the Government to formalise a way of working with us considering its recent announcement and will continue to find ways for the UKSSD to work together to influence the implementation of the SDGs in the UK.

With best wishes

UKSSD Co-chairs

Dominic White, Farooq Ullah and Emily Auckland

What is the High Level Political Forum?

The Sustainable Development Goals are a universal agenda adopted by all countries at the United Nations in 2015. The High Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development is the global forum where countries come together to share their experiences, and learn about the latest developments and best practice. Each year a group of approximately 40 countries take turns in presenting their Voluntary National Reviews (VNR) in the Forum. To date 67 country reviews have been presented and another 48 are due to do so in 2018.

The commitment from Government to present its VNR will be an opportunity to build on the good will and engagement of stakeholders across the country to deliver a comprehensive, multi-stakeholder assessment of progress.